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Step right in and experience the inviting charm of Henczel's Barber Shop, where our doors are always open to welcome you. Walk-in appointments till October 10th. After that we'll also offer online appointments for most of our barbers.

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We offer a small, simple, and professional menu that will keep you coming back for the traditional cuts we have provided throughout the years.

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About Henczel's

With an enduring presence of over a century, Henczel’s Barber Shop has woven itself into Naperville’s vibrant history, sculpting narratives beyond haircuts. Rooted in five generations of skilled barbers, we stand as the embodiment of grooming excellence, upholding cherished traditions. Our journey began with a simple aspiration to deliver lasting experiences that traverse generations, and this tradition thrives today in the capable hands and devoted hearts of our team.

Online Appointments Coming October 10th!

Mark your calendars! Starting October 10th, you can secure your grooming experience at Henczel’s Barber Shop with just a few clicks. Say goodbye to waiting and hello to convenience – online appointments are on the horizon. Get ready to step into a world of effortless style and reserve your spot with us.

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